Mike Burgener's Generic Beginner Program is the starting point for most of Mike's programming for his own lifters. He change exercises on a daily basis to fit what the lifter most needs to work on. You too should take individual variation into account and change excercises.
The program is split out over four days, with Day 1 largely devoted to the Snatch and derivative exercises, Day 2 to the Clean & Jerk, Day 3 to Power Snatch and assistance exercises and the final day as a max out for the competition lifts. One cycle is one week which you repeat. Sets and reps generally involve five sets of triples for the main lifts and power variants and five sets of five for most of the strength lifts. Weights used are left to the lifter/coach. Mike Burgener often increases the load one week and drops it back a bit the following week before increasing again. Max Back Squats may also be performed on Day 4.

One Week

Lift Sets Reps
3 Position Snatch 5 3
Snatch Push Press 5 3
Snatch Pull 3 3
Front Squat 5 3
Reverse Back Extensions 3 10
Lift Sets Reps
3 Position Clean 5 3
Rack Jerks 5 2
Clean Pull 3 3
Back Squat 5 5
Hanging Leg Raises 3 10
Lift Sets Reps
Power Snatch 5 3
Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat 5 1+3
Snatch Shrugs 3 5
Stiff Legged Deadlift 3 5